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We have an extensive range of spare parts and components from a damaged H36 Dimona Motor Glider for sale.

The aircraft was in a ground loop accident and had the fuselage broken behind the cockpit / fuel tank area. It is repairable, but a big job and probably only suitable for someone with extensive fibreglass repair skills as a retirement project.

You can also download from here the Dimona Flight Manual and the Dimona Service Manual which are in Microsoft word format. Here is the Dimona H36 Motor Glider 3000 hour inspection schedule.

Here is a selection of the many parts that are for sale. Down the bottom of the page we will list the items that are no longer available. Please contact us and let us know your needs...chances are we will have what you need at a good price.

We have a L2000 motor from VH-GYT with approximately 690 hours that we will sell. It has all accessories (starter, alternator, magneto etc) if you need them. This engine won't be available however until we replace it with a L2400 motor which may not be for a few months.

h36 dimona motor glider right wing The wings are in perfect condition and look like they were refinished only a few years ago. Both wings were undamaged
h36 dimona motor glider tailplane elevator

The tailplane and elevator look like the original paintwork. There is some fine cracking in the paint on the leading edge. The far right side of the elevator has had a repair done to it at some stage.

The Hoffman HOV62 propellor is in very good condition and there is little by way of chips on the leading edge.

The prop has had the AD completed to replace the thrust plate rods with the wider 8mm ones. The last overhaul was November 2006.

h36 dimona motor glider propellor
h36 dimona motor glider canopy

The canopy is in good condition however the right hand side has had 2 small areas of cracking repaired. We haven't got a photo of the second cracked area but will take one if you need it. It is fairly small and has a perspex patch glued over it. The one in the photo below probably should have a patch glued on it to prevent further cracking.

h36 dimona motor glider canopy repair


h36 dimona motor glider undercariage
The undercarriage and assocated components are in good condition. The rear of the RHS spat sustained some cracking and delamination when the fuselage broke due to it contacting the gound in such a nose high attitude. This is in the non structural area of the leg so is only a minor repair.
undercarriage damage
h36 dimona motor glider flight instruments Flight instruments for sale, variometer, altimeter, air speed indicator ASI, turn and bank, VOR to suit King KX-175B NAV/COMM
h36 dimona motor glider centre console

The transponder is not for sale.

The The Nav/Comm is a King KX175B TSO

h36 dimona motor glider engine instruments Engine instruments, CHT, oil temperature, tacho, voltage, cylinder head temperature gauge.
Gadringer harness 5201 in very good condition

Items no longer available:

Transponder, undercarriage brackets. fuel tank, elevator rod ends, fuel shut off valve,